Potterton Books

Winter 2014 exhibition at Potterton Books with Angela Harding, Alice Pattullo, Gail Brodholt, Paul Catherall and Beatrice Forshall

93 Lower Sloane Street



26th November-24th December 2014

joint for web

Black-throated Diver

The Black-throated Diver, or Arctic Loon, breeds on the lakes of Europe and Asia and flies south to winter at sea off sheltered coasts. It is a streamlined swimmer and can fish at depths of up to six metres, but walks awkwardly on land.

The nest is built by both male and female and is usually made of a heap of plant matter, sometimes mixed with mud and will occasionally float.

The habitat of the Arctic loon is under threat due to the increased acidity of the oceans, pollution, and the bird is often caught in nets in its coastal wintering grounds, where there are large fishing industries. In Sweden some sanctuaries have been created and in Scotland artificial nests have had some success.


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